Specialty AUT Solutions

Advanced UT Solutions

Top Notch EDM is an industry leader in the engineering design and manufacture of automated ultrasonic testing calibration and code qualification blocks, specifically built for AUT scanner applications.  As requirements for Automated Ultrasonics Testing (AUT) becomes more predominant in our industry, so does the need for competent AUT subject matter experts.  At Top Notch we are able to bridge the gap for NDT service companies who lack tenured AUT professionals to meet their client requirements. 

We apply conventional NDT methodologies with leading-edge advanced technology solutions to help our customers meet some of the most challenging aspects of our industry.  Our turnkey AUT solutions are fast, effective, and above all else, code compliant. From basic AUT in lieu of radiography, fracture mechanics-based qualifications, to complex dissimilar metal welds, heavy wall austenitic alloys, and CRA clad material applications requiring DNV qualifications, Top Notch EDM can provide a comprehensive turnkey solution to meet your client’s demands. 

If your client application requires full probability of detection (POD) and statistical analysis studies, Top Notch brings to bear a modern precision machining and full-service welding facility which, in combination with our advanced AUT subject matter expertise and code case qualification experience, where we can design and manufacture the most complex AUT procedure qualification samples.  Our staff of industry experts can guide our customers through the complexities of developing an advanced UT procedure and AUT examination technique that is code compliant and meets your client’s rigorous technical requirements.  At Top Notch EDM, we are your one-stop-shop for advanced AUT solutions. 

Advanced NDT Services & Technology Based Inspection Solutions / Training & Validation Center

  • Advanced Ultrasonics / UT in lieu of RT / Application Development & Engineered NDT Solutions
    • Automated and Semi-automated advanced Ultrasonic Testing Systems & Techniques
    • UT applications for heavy wall, DMW welds, exotic materials, complex geometries
    • Service induced damage mechanisms
  • NDT Center of Excellence (COE) / Level III Consulting Services / Training / Compliance & Auditing
    • NDT Method Subject Matter Experts (SME) / Industry Code Authorities
    • Advanced NDT Technology Evaluations and Competency Validations
    • DNV-OS-F101 Approved PAUT Procedure for Dissimilar Metals Welds and CRA Claddings
    • Technology Selection Matrix and Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Program
    • ISO 9712 Compliant NDT Written Practice Training & Certification Programs
    • Code Case Performance Demonstration Trials & Operator Qualifications
  • In-house Precision Machining & Welding Services for Engineered UT Products
    • Design and manufacture of precision ultrasonic testing (UT) reference standards
    • Specialty welded ASME code case qualification blocks and seeded flaw samples
    • Precision EDM machining for custom mockups
    • Exotic materials fabrication and welding / Super Duplex and dissimilar metal welds